1 day ago

Look at these awesome Growlers!! 🤩🤩

🍺Buy and fill a growler with beers brewed in house for $30!

🍻Already have a growler? Get 20% of any house brewed beer filled in your growler!

1 day ago

You've made it halfway through the week!

🍔Join us for a cheeseburger today for Lunch!

3 days ago
Pittsburg Feed & Seed

Summer drive in movies! Friday nights 9PM

We got our 16ft movie screen in! Suggestions for movies? We are making final line up for our summer drive in...

5 days ago
Pittsburg Feed & Seed

4PM! And come back tonight for Cole Scoggins! Can’t wait!

Don’t forget to come get your crawfish fix tomorrow at 4!

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When we first saw the Feed and Seed, it was a dilapidated, ready-to-be-condemned, ragged, mess with open walls, virtually no roof, and floors with more holes than boards. But, this building holds significant local history within its walls. It had…
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